Some Wins and Some Fails

So I had this fabulous plan for a post. I took great pictures, had husband help me, faithfully executed the experiment and ……FAIL!  I had read on the interwebz about using Kool-Aid to dye hair and I’ve been thinking about getting some tips done in purple and blue at a salon anyway so I thought, “Perfect!  I’ll get to try out the color and see if I like it!”  My hair is dark right now so I wasn’t expecting it to be vibrant like the professional grade would be but I was kind of hoping that it would show up a little bit.   I remembered dimly from my high school years that I had used food coloring to dye my hair successfully so I threw in some of that too.

I prepped the bathroom, gathered my supplies and dyed four sections of my hair trying variations to see what would work the best.

Grape Kool-Aid + Jojoba Oil = Nothing (smells nice though)

Mixed Berry Kool-Aid + Conditioner = Nothing (smells nice though)

Wilton Sky Blue + Conditioner = Nothing

Wilton Violet + Jojoba Oil + Conditioner (it wouldn’t make a paste with the oil) = A tiny tiny tiny tinge of purple.

I slept with foil on my hair and went to the bus stop this morning with my oldest looking like an idiot for NOTHING.  Sigh…I really want purple and blue hair.  Maybe I’ll try bleaching my hair a bit first next time…



Anyway on to the Wins!  I went shopping yesterday and found some marvelous (to me) shoes!  I have very wide, thick feet.  It is very discouraging to try shoes on most places and especially in Target ( What, no one has fat feet Target? I beg to differ…)   But yesterday the Shoe Fairy must have been smiling on me cause I found not one, not two, but THREE pairs of shoes that fit the wide fatness of my foot!  Score!


I can’t wait till it warms up around here so I can wear them out and around with a skirt.  They will also be great for the beach when we go later this year. Yay!

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