So, it’s been a while

Yeah so it’s been over a year since I posted anything.  Jeez…major blog fail.  It was the usual suspects. Selling a house, moving into an apartment that felt like a cave, buying a house long distance, moving again…. you know how it goes.  It’s been tricky but I’m glad its settling down again.  And I have a new house that is twice the size of our last one, and boy is that a good change!  I would post pictures but we haven’t done much more than unpack boxes, paint one room and cut down the out of control landscape out front.  Still, I’ll give you a peek at my sewing space.




It’s still in our bedroom but it’s off to the side and all the fabric and supplies get stored in my closet so it is not so much in the way.

I will try to post a bit more often now that things are settling in. Maybe even a tutorial or something.  Maybe don’t hold your breath though, wouldn’t want anyone to suffocate ;)….


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