Pirate Bash!

Well, here it is!  The pirate party post! You may be aware from previous birthday posts that I have a small problem with doing small celebrations.  They always end up….bigger!  Our littlest zombie has not had one of the grand celebrations yet so I thought it was his turn.  I asked him what he wanted and he said “Pirates!  Arrrrrr!”  I said, “Okay!”

I started combing the interwebs for ideas and found a few I liked but that needed tweaking but not a whole lot was inspiring me for the party, but then during one of my many shopping trips to Target I happened to find all of their Pirate party plates, banners, napkins and cups on clearance!  Wooohooo!  That was all the inspiration I needed.  I knew it was fated.  So I began in earnest.

Every pirate has to fear waking the plank, so that was where they started.  There may or may not have been someone throwing water bombs at them as they tried not to fall into the sharks.  That fed right into the deadly alligator swamp rings.


I found a gator and shark fin shape that worked, printed templates and cut some trials in wood.  It was a bit much for a one day use item so I reserved the rest of the sheet of wood and switched to foam board for the rest.  Much faster to cut and painted as well.  They were a bit tricky to keep stapled to the stakes but it worked out in the end.




The rest of the wood sheet became a sailing ship with lots of peg legs sticking out of it for a ring toss game.  The legs are just spray painted dowel rods with caps on them.  I made all different sizes so it would be a bit more challenging for the older cousins.



I saved some cans from my soup making over the winter and gathered a few more cheap cans of tomato juice and spray painted them brown, added some mixed up plaster of paris inside them to keep them steady, glued light brown foam to the top and bottom to make them look more barrelish and I had a knock the barrels down game.  We threw in a pick the duck and get a prize game for the littlest ones and it was quite popular, it was pretty hot.



Me and the little one went begging at all our downtown restaurants for any wine corks they may have.  I managed to pull together just enough for the sailboats.  I found some neat little wooden craft sticks that had circles on them and they worked perfect for sandwiching the corks between them and hot gluing them in.  A skewer for a mast and foam for the sails (no pics of these, naturally )  and you were ready to race your cousin on the blue sea (vinyl gutter with end caps)



Dear Bake made her delicious cupcakes with the most awesome skull decorations for the tops!  Our sweet sister-in-law helped mix up the birthday cake and me Bake and our mom (with input from the zombies father) decorated the birthday cake when it was finished.


We had a decorate your own eyepatch and booty bag event the day before (somehow no pics of this either  :/ )  The day of we made pirate names and wrote them on post-it notes and taped them on (yay for last minute ingenuity!)   We also decorated our faces!  This was one of the funnest things we got to do.  The adults jumped in on it too, probably had more fun than the children with it 🙂




Don’t you just love her glare?  Pirate perfection!  The little zombie in the last pic is our dear friends’ baby, she is too sweet!

The birthday zombies outfit was made partially by me. It was hard to get a good shot because he was in constant motion, lol.  I took a plain white t-shirt from target and removed the pocket and added some eyelets and leather laces and cut the sleeves on the sides.  I made the vest from scratch and I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.  I’m thinking I’ll tweak it a bit and put it out as a pattern for sale.

I think everyone had a good time and the little pirate is still talking about his party (pretty good for 3 yr old goldfish memory)    A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped make the pirate party a success!  You are an awesome crew!


That’s the news for now, be back later with some house projects that have been going on at the same time as Birthday Madness!  See ya!

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