Now with more Crafting!

Well, things have settled down a bit now that school is back in session so time to catch up with the blog.

I did a few more Farmers Markets and got some custom orders.  I think I might go back when it cools off a bit around here.

Here is the proof that it’s not all Crafting bliss over here. This summer we did a renovation on the zombie’s room and put in a new useable closet. It was a horrible narrow closet that was completely unusable for anything but long term junk storage so we demo’d an old plaster and lathe wall and built a new closet. On one of the other walls the wallpaper seams were really visible through the paint so we peeled 70 year old wallpaper off of it until it was paintable.

Here is the Wallpaper shots.  It was from the Lucky Star Wallpaper Company. At least 3 layers probably more like 6


And the Reveal shots (pretend it’s all clean and professionally staged)

So glad that project is done. I’m glad we built in long term storage above the closet (just need to organize it a bit better).


My oldest zombie turned 8 and we had an awesome Lego Star Wars birthday party up at Grandmas.  That Death Star on the table is filled with candy.  It was a really easy pinata to make.



We also rented a bouncy water slide for the zombie children (although, a certain Bake and Craft may have gone down it once or twice too)

swarsbday2As usual, I was having so much fun hanging out that I didn’t get many pictures.  There was an awesome lightsabre battle that has little photographic evidence, if I find some I’ll post it.



I had someone from Austria contact me about a quilt order (very cool!)  I have it listed on Etsy as a reserved item.

This was a nice challenging project and I feel it helped me develop my skills a bit which is always a good thing.  I did a lot of free motion quilting and finally feel semi-competent at that. Practiced my perspective with the cafe table and the bench and feel like I’m finally getting the hang of perspective in applique, it’s really quite tricky.  I do commission work, so if anyone sees anything they like, my contact info is on the side bar.


And the zombie girl started preschool so that means 3 hours of quiet(er) time a day. Woohoo!



She has an October birthday coming up and she has decreed that she will be Queen Elsa from Frozen and have a stage and a microphone to sing and perform at her party.  Good thing the room project has sharpened my skills with power tools.  I’ll be posting about all that madness, I have no doubt.

Oh, and about the title change.  Bake has decided to hang up her apron for a bit and spare herself and her family some weight gain.  She’ll pop back in from time to time so keep your eyes peeled. You never know when a delicious project might get posted!







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