It’s a marathon, not a sprint


Not that I actually run or anything


So, it’s Christmas Day and I may or may not have been drinking wine already but I have some thoughts I wanted to get out.

I’ve been realizing lately how I approach life can be a teensy bit helter skelter.  New project?  Head first, go!  Next holiday to plan? Head first, go!  Run, run, run, it’s a race my mind whispers.  Well, it might indeed be a race but it’s a marathon and not a sprint.

I’ve been trying to remind myself of this and believe me, it hasn’t been easy.  Especially when I see other lovely blog ladies who can hammer out projects in record time and I’m still re-threading my sewing machine.

But I’ve been feeling the need to plan things more carefully, not down to every tiny thing but just actually have a general plan in mind when I start, a cohesive vision. Maybe a goal or two, hell, why not?  So that’s my mantra for the time ahead   “It’s a marathon, not a sprint”    This isn’t to say I don’t want to pour my heart and soul into my craft, because I do.  I just want to have something to show for it at the end.  Enjoy the race, peeps. Just remember it isn’t a sprint it’s a goddamn marathon.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year




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