I might be a teensy bit crazy..

I might be, you know. Crazy, that is.  I’ve been looking through some old project pictures and I realized I get a little nutty over my kid’s birthdays.  More so the boy child than the girl but I think that’s just the age difference.  Her last one was pretty impressive because she can enjoy them a little more now (she’s 3).  The baby hasn’t even had a birthday yet so he hasn’t benefited (?) from my craziness yet.  I’m sure he will.

When I say crazy, I don’t mean I buy them lots of presents, though that usually happens too. I mean I go Craft Crazy!  I pick a theme (with input from child) and go balls to the wall on it.  The boy’s 4th birthday was fish.  I made a bean bag game and a magnet fishing game. I made each individual cupcake pick. I made a stamp and hand stamped each favor bag.

The boy’s 5th was dinosaurs.  I made individual dinosaur dig boxes with the hammers and chisels to go with them, big fake dino bones, a palm tree out of drainage pipe, crepe paper leaves for the palm tree, dino eggs out of plaster of paris and balloons, ruffled streamers, covered the play house in camo fabric so they had an observatory, hid inflatable dinosaurs around for them to find and made a mother-freaking Volcano Cake with dry ice steam.

The boy’s 6th was all Angry Birds.  I sewed 17 birds and pigs, painted 10 or 12 boxes in different colors, painted 5 eggs, suckered my dad into making a giant freestanding slingshot (see this making thing runs in my family, kind of like mental illness does….hmm..) decoupaged a wooden block into 6 sided dice (die?),  made and decorated 30 assorted bird/egg/pig cake pops, filled an untold amount of water balloons (that popped in the sun before we could use them) and filled more water balloons.

The girl’s 3rd birthday was Princess everything.  I made a giant cardboard Rapunzel tower with foam shingles, made heart chalkboards as party favors, sewed all the favor bags, cut out tons of butterflies, made pom pom flowers, sewed her Cinderella dress, cut out crown and slipper shaped sandwiches, sewed my own costume (human sea witch), made the nifty glowing sea shell necklace to go with, made a funkin carriage and made some delicious cotton candy (suffered only minor burns). Sadly the pictures from this party were few and mostly blurry.  She had fun though, that’s what counts.

Bake helped with the decorating for this party and it looked really good. She’s so stylish. Sadly, I’m sucky at picture taking.


I really need to figure out how to be a good hostess and get good pictures of finished products at the same time.  Well, that’s the jaunt down Crazy Birthday Lane. We’ll have to see what new insanity this summer’s birthdays bring!

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  • "mend" says:

    After looking through these pictures, I am amazed at the lengths you have gone to make your children’s birthdays so memorable. They will remember how much you’ve done for them and they will tell stories to their partners one day about how special these were. So proud to have such amazing mothers in my family…..

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