Custom Candy Cupcake Garnish

The people my husband work for are really nice.  I mean really nice…like the kind of nice that might make you suspicious if you didn’t know they were genuine.  Example, one of the owners of his company bought me this:


Just because she thought I would like it…and we’ve never even met!  And she was right, I love it!

So as a thank you, I whipped up some vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and lemon curd filling.


As you know, I’m constantly on the hunt for garnishes that not only look cute but actually add to the flavor of the cake.  I love this garnish because the possibilities are endless.  Grab your favorite hard candy and an adorable cookie/fondant cutter and blammo – custom, edible cupcake topper that I guarantee will be eaten and not thrown away with the wrapper.


Here’s how you do it.

Preheat oven to 350.

Cut a small square of tin foil and brush with vegetable oil.

Choose your cookie/fondant cutters and liberally brush them with oil as well.  I’d say smaller is better for cupcakes, but what do I know.

Add 3-4 candies of your choice to the tin foil.  I wouldn’t recommend doing much more than this at a time because it will start to cool quickly once removed from the oven and be difficult to work with in large quantity.


Place on baking sheet and pop into the oven for 3-5 minutes – just until melted but before it starts to brown.

Remove from oven and immediately press your cookie cutters into the melted candy.  Obviously this will be very hot and the metal cutters will transfer the heat so use a spatula or pot holder to continue to press them into the mixture as it cools.


Allow to cool about 1 minute and then break off the excess candy around the cutter.  Pop out the candy shape and admire how adorable it is.  You will absolutely break some, so just be prepared and make extra.


So there it is – another simple, cute and tasty option to add to your garnish arsenal.  I know you have one.  And if you don’t, now is the time to start stockpiling people because I, for one, do not want to live in a world devoid of adorable cupcake garnishes.


Also, sorry for my extended absence.  I’ve been working through a week-long migraine that’s really been kicking my ass. I’m pretty sure I’m on the mend now and should be posting more regularly again.  I just can’t deprive my fans of my earth shattering baking genius for another week.


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