A Little Monday Envy…

Today is Bake’s birthday!  Happy Birthday, dear Bake!  I do hope her package reaches her today because this time I actually mailed it before the date. She get’s today off posting so you’re stuck with me.

I have no crafting to share even though  I’ve been busy, really, I swear.    I have 3 separate projects going on at this moment. And I’m not finished with any of them so I can’t blog about them….So I have a bit of  fantasy wish list to share instead.  We all do this ( don’t we?)  Make up lists of things we love and wish we had but are too impractical, expensive, or weird to admit to or ever purchase?  Well, here is a little snippet of mine.


Craft’s Wanty List


  1. Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold sewing machine.  BEAUTIFUL.  No other words, none.
  2. Chaise lounges.  I love them.  The fancier, the better.  Like this one:
  3. Sweet little beach cottages. Not too fancy, just big enough for two and right on the sand.  Heaven.


  4. A crafting room of my own.  Anything with a door on it would be great but something like this would be awesome.


  5. Roses. Specifically, roses that grow like trees and smell really good.  I have a few small roses around but nothing as lush as this.


    There you have it.  A peek into the mind of Craft as seen through a sampling of the things she desires.   Have a good day!


The Envy Runs Deep…



I would be perfectly happy if winter would magically disappear at 12:01 on January 2nd but the sad truth is that in Milwaukee, we’re looking at another 3 months…at least.

‘We still have a long way to go.”

– Yes this is a Neverending Story reference and no, I’m not ashamed of it.

If I don’t book a vacation soon I may slip into a deep state of seasonal depression that no amount of chocolate could snap me out of.

Until then, I guess I’ll just set my new iPad (rockin Xmas gift from the husband) on a slide show of amazing beach pictures in an attempt of self-hypnosis…And maybe a pitcher or two of margaritas would help.

Quilts to Envy

Hello again!  I happen to quilt a bit now and then. It’s actually what started me sewing at all.  Today I thought I would share with you the type of quilting that I seriously ENVY.

Landscape quilting.  I love it.  Some are, of course, better than others but even the cheesy ones make me see green.  Why, you ask?  Well, that would be because I am utterly hopeless at applying perspective (in the drawing sense of the word).  I can’t seem to even draw a cube correctly.  I also have a problem understanding shading and highlighting and all those other tricky little things that provide depth to a painting or drawing.  This means making landscape quilts is nigh impossible for me.  Not that I haven’t tried. Ye Gods (!) have I tried. But alas to date my efforts have been somewhat lacking to say the least…. So here is a little gallery of landscape quilts I envy.  Enjoy (sob).


















p.s. I’m too lazy to link to all these pictures.  I just googled landscape quilts and these come up in the images.


My Envy of the Day – KitchenAid Pro Line Stand Mixer

Isn’t she a beauty?  Currently I do all my mixing, blending, combining, incorporating, beating etc. with a hand mixer or even more shocking, a spatula.  Sad, I know.  Since baking is a relatively new obsession of mine, I think I need to prove to the husband that this is something I’m going to stick with before I go demanding a $600 stand mixer.  I am accepting donations, however.  Just in case any of you are feeling extra charitable this Holiday Season.