Baby Blankets and Stuff

Hello!  I finished a few of those projects I mentioned so I get to blog about them!

First up is the Dotted baby blanket trio.  When I make gifts for babies I like to include receiving blankets.  Not only are they easy (and cheap) they are always needed.  I don’t care how many you have, it is inevitable that you will wish you had one more.  So I round up the cutest flannels I can get my hands on and purchase them when they go on sale (2.99 a yd usually) .  I start with a whole yard of the material.  The bigger the better, you can use them longer that way. After washing and serging the edges it ends up just a bit under a yard.


DSCF5816        DSCF5819

The bigger blanket is green and I have crocheted an edge on it to make it a little fancier. It adds a little bit of handmade love to the gift and is super easy to do (tutorial here). Plus,  I love having handwork to do when I want to be lazy and watch Netflix.  Makes me feel like I’m getting work done even while I’m slacking. The one here is a little different than the tutorial.  I used a thicker cotton yarn and fleece fabric.  Fleece is a bit harder to edge crochet than flannel, you’ll need to go through and pierce the fabric first (use the little crochet hook from the tutorial for this) and then come back through with the thicker yarn and a bigger hook.  I finished this one while watching the Super Bowl.



Next set is Sea themed,  3 blankets and a softie.


I did the same crochet pattern around the mermaid flannel using a pearlized cotton embroidery thread and the small hook.



I’ve had the other two flannels in my stash for a couple of years and just now brought myself to use them for something.  I love the tiny pink whales!  Too cute!



The softie is from the book Wee Wonderfuls.  I’ve only made a few things from it but I do love the designs in it. The mermaid turned out really cute and I hope she’ll get lots of love when the baby is older.




Last thing is a sneak peak on a not yet complete project that is all original.

DSCF5856 DSCF5853


More on that when I get it finished.  That’s the news for now, see ya!

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  • Amber Connor says:

    These baby blankets are exactly what I needed for a friends baby shower gift…very, very sweet! I’m going to try it out!!

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