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Quick Fix for a Messy Stencil Job

Hello!  I survived the winter!  Yay!

As I believe I’ve said before, I have a bit of back log of quilts for new family members but I’m happy to say I’m approaching a finish on one.  She’s not quite a year old so not it’s not too late.

Anyway, the initials I made for the quilt didn’t come out exactly as I wanted.

I took a font (can’t find the name of the one I used or I would credit it) that was mostly right and then fixed what was wrong (for this project) in Illustrator, brought it over to my Silhouette and cut them out in freezer paper.





This is what they should look like. Nice sharp lines.



I used Martha Stewart paint in Rose Chrome (lovely color) .




I mixed a fabric medium with it but the thing about that paint is it really doesn’t need it, so I ended up with a runny paint that seeped a lot under the stencil.  I redid it without mixing in the fabric medium so I could get the coverage I needed and pulled the stencil off.  I touched it up the best I could but still had lots of paint out of the stencil shape.  So I let it dry and heat set it the next day.


You can see in these pictures the seepage.  It looks much worse in person.  The color of the paint doesn’t show true online, it’s more lavender on the quilt.


Then I went to the fabric store and bought a spool of Gutterman thread in the right color and satin stitched the edges of the letters to sharpen it up and it really did help quite a bit.




Sorry there are not so many pictures on this post but if you find yourself in the same pickle this is a quick way to clean up a messy stencil job.  When I get it finished and gifted I will do a post on the whole thing. There also might be a Pirate birthday for a baby zombie coming up soon so stay tuned for some birthday madness. Happy Spring everybody!