Monthly Archives: February 2015

Netflix is sucking my will to live… aka Snowed in all week with children



I managed to make it out of my bed today and sit at the computer and write this, so today is already a win in my opinion.  I CAN’T WAIT FOR SPRING.SERIOUSLY..I  C A N’ T  W A I T…..  We’ve been snowed in for a solid week now and I’m all done.  You think I would be using this time productively somehow, since almost all crafting I do is an indoor sport kind of thing, but no…  the white blanket of snow has smothered all ambition and frozen my creative spark until all I want to do all day is lay in bed and watch Netflix.  I need to interact with the world to draw inspiration and although snow looks like a blank canvas it doesn’t do a thing for inspiration.


I haven’t even been able to enjoy my new (to us) car.  This is the newest car we’ve ever owned and I would like to get used to driving it but not in the snow ( I haven’t even made one payment yet and I’m not wrecking it until it’s at least half paid for thank you very much).   Sigh…. So I’m forcing myself out of bed and into crafting something (anything at all) in the hopes that the momentum will carry me forward and spring will arrive more quickly.

Speaking of spring. I’ve been plotting out my garden already.  This year’s garden will likely be a limited affair.  I suspect home improvement projects will take up most of my time so I’m planning with that in mind.  The girl zombie wants sunflowers and I have to grow some basil.  My sage, oregano and (perhaps) thyme will be coming back and hopefully the lavender I stored under the house will pull through all right.  Might grow some lettuce, no zucchini this year though.  I still have 24 bags in the freezer.  No tomatoes or peppers this year either.  Low maintenance herbs and pretty flowers will do just fine I think.  I can’t wait for the first tender leaves of spring, hands buried in sun warmed earth, the smell of it as it wakes from it’s long sleep.  The winds that pick up and blow just a little chill and though they aren’t any warmer than fall you can tell the difference just by feeling it on your face.

Anyway, back to crafting.  I’ve been trying to puzzle out how (and even if) one can make a quilt that looks like a vector drawing.  All smooth lines and shades.  The google machine is not turning up much that is helpful at the moment.  I feel like if there is any medium you could recreate one of those in it would be fabric.  Suggestions are welcome, naturally.

Other things on the crafting agenda are getting better at drawing. To that end my sweet husband bought me this for our anniversary:

intuosIt’s Wacom Tablet  Intuos pen and touch small.  It’s been pretty fun to play with and I think it will be useful in the long run.  For those who haven’t seen it before it’s a system for drawing digitally.  Useful for converting my own patterns into usable files.   It definitely reminds me that drawing is not a strong suit of mine, and that’s okay.  Practice will not make me perfect but it certainly will improve my skills.

I’m falling a bit behind in making quilts for the new babies of the family.  Sorry Ruby and Gemma.  I promise I’ll be working on it soon.  Really.  As long as they get them before they are 2 I figure it counts..right?

Well, that’s the news for now.  I’m off to attempt something (anything at all) to kickstart my art. See ya!