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It’s a marathon, not a sprint


Not that I actually run or anything


So, it’s Christmas Day and I may or may not have been drinking wine already but I have some thoughts I wanted to get out.

I’ve been realizing lately how I approach life can be a teensy bit helter skelter.  New project?  Head first, go!  Next holiday to plan? Head first, go!  Run, run, run, it’s a race my mind whispers.  Well, it might indeed be a race but it’s a marathon and not a sprint.

I’ve been trying to remind myself of this and believe me, it hasn’t been easy.  Especially when I see other lovely blog ladies who can hammer out projects in record time and I’m still re-threading my sewing machine.

But I’ve been feeling the need to plan things more carefully, not down to every tiny thing but just actually have a general plan in mind when I start, a cohesive vision. Maybe a goal or two, hell, why not?  So that’s my mantra for the time ahead   “It’s a marathon, not a sprint”    This isn’t to say I don’t want to pour my heart and soul into my craft, because I do.  I just want to have something to show for it at the end.  Enjoy the race, peeps. Just remember it isn’t a sprint it’s a goddamn marathon.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year




Flogging my stuff, cause I can

Hey there!  I had lots of plans for posts this month. Tutorials, projects, pictures…yeah…well, life happens.  I happen to be somewhat busy these days.  My Etsy shop is doing a small and steady business that keeps me at my sewing machine and away from the computer,  kids are keeping me from developing some new ideas and Christmas is keeping me from losing weight…yeah, we can blame that on Christmas.  Anyway, I make no promises but I will try to do a few picture tutorials here soon on some easy tips that make sewing things easier.

So in the shop, I’ve got some new things listed for Christmas. Some awesome pillows, pot holders and ornaments as well as some new sizes of old favorite aprons. As always, I’m happy to do custom work.  If something strikes your fancy but you’d like it in a different color or you want to add a ruffle or personalize it, just send me a conversation on Etsy and we can work on it together to make it perfect.  I’ll close with some pictures of shop items and things we’re working on around here at house Craft.  Enjoy!




And this one isn’t for sale….yet.  For those unversed in the ways of the Force, these are the robes that Obi-Wan Kenobi wears.  Our oldest zombie is a confirmed and dedicated nerd, much to our delight.



That’s the news for now.  Go buy some Craft Envy stuff.



p.s.  I’m unsure why the little images are blurry but if you click on them they come up at a nicer resolution.

Thankful for…

Greetings!  Thanksgiving is done and the Christmas season is well and truly upon us.  I can tell by the fact that I have no shopping done and a big order to get out the door.  This is just a quick hello to share a picture my oldest zombie child drew at our second Thanksgiving.  I especially enjoy the spelling and the projectile falling on the turkey. Happy busy season to you all!




And on the back side….