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Frozen Birthday Wrap-Up

Well, the madness is finally over.  Now I just have 1 more Halloween costume to sew and a craft show in November and one in December to get ready for,  and a baby gift for a dear friend and a long promised baby gift for a new niece and laundry and cooking and school work and…you get the idea.  It never really ends but I’m feeling a little less stress now that the birthday is done.  Yay!


So, the birthday went like this.  I went up on the Friday before and decorated the party room at my parent’s house (thanks mom!)






I found some ballerina shapes online and cut them out on my Silhouette machine (I love my Silhouette).  The skirts of the dancers are napkins stripped down to 1-ply and taped on, thread through the head and hung in the ceiling with a pin.  I did some skirts with doily’s but I was unimpressed with them. They didn’t drape like I wanted.  I also did some Anna and Elsa outlines you can see in the picture below.



The snowflakes are, surprise, doily’s!  I just folded them up like you do paper that you make into snowflakes and cut designs into them by hand.  Voila! Easy snowflake.





The stage I made in September out of an old pallet my dad had.  We cut it to give it shape and screwed some plywood to the top and I painted it a blinding white so it looked like snow.  It worked out pretty well actually.    The scenery behind it was hand painted by me (with a new kitten and a 2 yr old running around, I might add)  Although I’m not an artist, I feel like I did okay representing what I had in mind.



The first picture is the ballroom filled with snow, the second is Elsa’s Ice Castle and the third scene is Arendelle Castle all happy again.  I used a combination of water colors and acrylics on bulletin board paper.  I taped the scenery to two pvc pipes and  slid those over top two poles fastened to bases.  My dad added a railing to the top of the poles for stability but it was still pretty wobbly.  Oh well, live and learn.




Our lovely cake table ready for deliciousness.  I made the tree decorations.  One is doily’s (you guessed that didn’t you?) I cut a hole in middle and slid them over a spray painted cardboard cone. Just cut bigger holes at the bottom layers and smaller as you go up. One of the trees was my attempt at a feather tree and the other is just modge podge and white glitter and sprayed with sealer.  I did a blue one the same way and it turned out nice




The cones were bought at Michael’s for cheap, like 2.50 a cone.  Much better priced than styrofoam ones.






We did a couple of practice runs on the play and fitted costumes that I had hand drafted and sewn.  The only alteration needed was on Anna’s skirt, it was a bit large in the waist.  Easy to fix.  Fixed that on Saturday while sewing up and shipping out two aprons.  I’m a multi-tasker.



Anna’s bodice is hand drafted by moi, I was shocked it fit even slightly.  I did the embroidery on the velvet with my machine, not heirloom quality but enough to get by.



Her skirt is a really cut down adult skirt pattern that still wasn’t small enough for her tiny waist.

Olaf was a tshirt with black circles painted on and a fleece carrot nose stuffed with fiber fill.

Kristoff was a grey fleece vest with burgundy binding at the neck.

Elsa’s dress was made from the Simplicity pattern a few months ago.

The queen and king got sashes with a Q and K on them and wore borrowed finery under them.


Saturday night we loaded up everything we had left and trekked back up to the parents.  My lovely sister-in-law Sarah helped to frost the box-mix cakes I had made earlier in the day.  I am absolutely awful at frosting cakes.  I just don’t have that skill. That’s why I’m Craft and not Bake..






Speaking of Bake, she made some of the most amazingly delicious cupcakes I’ve ever had.  Chocolate with chocolate ganache icing and strawberry (with strawberry mousse filling, omg!) and cream cheese icing. They both were topped with delicate snowflakes made from candy melts and brushed with pearl dust,  and she made melt in your mouth sugar cookies with mint icing.  Ridiculously good, people.  The most amazing thing she made was a marshmallow fondant version of Elsa’s crown, complete with melted candy jewel….blown away..












p.s. Stay tuned for a tutorial on the Elsa Crown!


Anyway, (wipes drool from mouth) the play went well despite some minor scenery malfunctions.  All the kids were excited to be in it and I kept the lines they needed to remember to one or two each.  After the play we ate and did presents and cake and snow cones!  All together a smashing birthday party.  A big thank you to everyone for helping set up and tear down and for all the presents!