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Bits and Pieces

Hey there!  Well, time to catch you up on news from here.  A couple of weekends ago I had my Farmer’s Market debut.  The husband took all 3 zombies up to my parents Friday night and camped out with them so I could have no distractions while I got everything ready.  That was very nice!

The day of the market my wonderful sister and partner in crime came down and helped me set up my little table(her husband helped too).  I was a wreck….  switching between hysterical crying and hysterical laughter and hyperventilating the rest of the time.  We set up the display with the tablecloth I had made and the thrifted baskets I had spray painted up for the occasion.  I was so nervous I didn’t take a single picture with my camera but Bake managed to grab some shots for me.



In this picture you can see the whole set up.  I brought out my quilt rack and my dress form to help display the goods and they worked out really well.

You can see the products a little better in this shot


I had pot holders, crocheted edge receiving blankets, plain receiving blankets, minky blankets, quilts, pincushions, chalkboard pennant bunting, bias tape, utility aprons and half aprons for sale.

There was a fair amount of interest in the aprons but no purchases so the price on those will drop a bit I think.  The potholders sold really well (only 1 left at the end of the day), the pincushions were also popular (stuffed with walnut shells).  The gift bag you see there on the back of the table was made by me too. I cut down some paper bags and sewed on handles and stenciled a sewing machine design on them.  I really feel that presentation is a big part of setting yourself apart from your competition so I put time into making the bags even though not a lot of people took one.




These are the business cards I had printed up at a Staples here with same day service. I’m not 100% pleased with them but I ran out of time for ordering online so you take what you can get.  I’ll be ordering a bit nicer cards here soon.

All in all it was a good (if nerve wracking) experience.  I definitely learned a bit about what works (pot holders, pincushions) and what doesn’t (bias tape, chalkboard buntings) so I feel like I can refocus efforts where they pay off more and add products that fall along those lines. I have a bit of time off because the husband is doing his 2 week annual training (no babysitter) so I’m using this time to work up new products and restock so I can go back and kick some more ass!


Thanks Bake for coming down and seeing me through it. You’re the best!