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Number Two


Well my son is two and what can I say about it that hasn’t already been said?  Some call it terrible, some call it terrific and actually I think both are true.  My son is more adorable and more horrible than ever.  He is now capable of showing so much love and affection and at the same time serious massive destruction to life, health and property.  I am so not qualified to give advice, but since that has never stopped anyone before I’ll go ahead and offer up my wisdom.

Pick Your Battles
-I’m sure this has been said a million times before in regards to child rearing, but it never rings more true than when dealing with a two year old.  Yes, the mini hand cymbals from Grandma are extremely loud and annoying, but they make him happy and that’s what Advil is for.  Messes can be cleaned, noises can be ignored but if he’s entertained and happy let him be – within reason of course.


I completely respect the Grandparents’ right to send whatever annoying toy they want!

Give Yourself a Break
-It’s time for me to face the music that my son may be giving up his afternoon nap.  This was my time to go to the bathroom alone, shower, pay bills, clean…anything besides crash trucks, play ball and fetch snacks.  Well that precious 90 minutes of freedom has now perished but I still needs to get shiz done.  Cue: PBS.  Just let the guilt wash off of you as you enjoy your long hot shower.  Remember, mothers are people too and we shouldn’t always have to ignore our basic human needs.  Seriously though, I think my husband would consider it cruel and unusual punishment if he weren’t always able to go to the bathroom exactly when he wanted for as long as he wanted – just saying.

Roll With The Punches
-The naughty phases, the sweet phases, the screaming, the cuddling, the playing, the singing, the kisses, the punches – whether you embrace or resist them, will all be over in a flash so try to enjoy it.  I really hate it when people say this to me while in the grips of a naughty phase and my son is throwing food across the kitchen, but that’s just because I know it’s true.

Anyway, we had such a blast celebrating the big day.  We went to the SeaLife Aquarium at the Mall of America (totally worth the cost) and celebrated with family via Skype the next day.  It was such a wonderful, emotional weekend that I actually started to imagine what life would be like with another one…let’s table that for now.

This is what the big number two looked like (who doesn’t love toilet humor):image




The Cake: My favorite vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting and a fresh strawberry topping/filling.  Probably the best thing I’ve ever created…with the exception of my son.



The Decorations: Racecar printables from Paper + Pip, Etsy Shop



The Presents:  Our family went to the extra effort to ship presents so his day would be extra special!  You’re the best!


We finished the day hiking and sledding around the lake.  It truly was the perfect way to end a day that we will remember forever, even though he may not.




Legos and Fairies and Quilts, Oh My!

So, I may have mentioned something in my last post about finished projects.  One of Zombie #1’s Christmas presents was a new quilt.  Forever and a day ago, my very first (successful) sewing project was a Cars quilt for him when he was 2.  It was very simple and odd shaped and now that he is 7 he was finally outgrowing it (my zombies are undersized things).  So I began an intensely laborious project of creating fabric in Spoonflower for it.  That was about 2 years ago….ahem.  I managed to kick my ass into gear this Christmas season and finish it with  several 8 hour days spent using the Magic Wand in Photoshop on each and every one of the minifigures on the quilt.  There is something like 200 of them on there I think.  You lose count (and your vision) after a while. Google became a good friend of mine in the search for clean images and suitable backgrounds for them to stand on.  I shamelessly “borrowed”* everything that halfway looked like it would work.





Pics of front


Pics of back

I finished tweaking the files right before Spoonflowers Xmas printing deadline and submitted my order.  It’s printed on Kona Cotton.  Size restrictions made me divide the design into 4 panels (2 front, 2 back).  I received my order a week before Christmas, barely enough time to make the border and quilt it.  Thankfully I had planned a very simple quilting for it so the pictures remained the focus of the piece, I quilted in straight lines breaking off when it would cross over the characters on the back.  I hand quilted a bit to add stability in those spots.  All in all I’m fairly pleased with how it turned out.  I do think the prints faded a bit more than I expected (I’ve printed with them before and it hadn’t been too bad) but oh well.


* The fabric is not for sale on Spoonflower and I make NO profit of any sort off of it.



The other project I have to share with you is a baby quilt I made for my cousin’s newest baby.  I conceived of the idea some months ago (before the baby was born) and began it at the same time but did not manage to finish it until November (after baby was 1 month old).  The inspiration for it was the name they picked ( I won’t share that cause it’s weird to share personal info on the internet, yo).  It was very whimsical and the quilt needed to be the same.The background is dark blue and the hills at the bottom are black.  It makes it a bit hard to see some of the details and a nightmare to photograph but really nice for the silk of the fairy wings.  Yes, I said silk.  I did a test before I committed to using it.  I soaked it down and then pressed it on the hottest setting and there was no color change, shrinkage or change in the hand of it. Good enough for me.  And it just glows against the dark background. Love it!

The individual fairies were found via google and I cut them out with my Silhouette.   I starched the fabric, heavily, and ironed a good stiff interfacing to the back of it so it would roll through like paper.  They were a bit tricky because they have some fine details. My blade was totally shot by the end of it.

For the wings, I drew one side first (cause I suck at making the sides even) and then cut it out, retraced it, flipped it, traced the other side and then cut it out of silk.  The wings were placed first and satin stitched down.

The silhouettes went on top of the wings once I had them placed how I wanted them I used an extra strength glue stick and hit it with an iron.  It’s not permanent but it holds it in place so you can sew around them.  I sewed a few on by hand because I was concerned about the durability of the tiny areas (wrists/feet) of the fairies.  It took forever so I went with the machine after a bit.  After they were on, I realized they needed something to make them pop a bit so I outlined them on the machine with a metallic silver thread.

The moon is a white velour so it has a nice texture difference for the baby to feel.  There are some flowers embroidered on it here and there but they don’t show up in the photos.  I struggle with perspective in drawing/crafting, always, so this was really good practice in how to translate perspective into my quilting. Some examples are the stepping stones that get smaller as they leave the pond and the path that gets smaller as it approaches the mushroom house. Practice does actually improve this skill, a year ago I never would have thought I could have done even that well on perspective.

I used minimal quilting on it in white or silver (I think) and hand stitched some “stars” on the sky too.


The back is made up of a floral panel and a grey and chevron print border.  I added the baby’s initials at the top in the yellow flower color and bound the whole thing in a nice aqua.

I’m actually really proud of this quilt, I think it’s pretty and I forced myself to finish it even though my natural laziness tried desperately to sabotage me.  Ha! Take that Slothiness!  And the fabrics were almost entirely from my stash!  Hell Yeah!

If I make one similar to this again I’ll figure out a different way to do the fairy bodies.  I’m thinking some custom Iron Ons might work in a situation like this. It would cut production time waaaaay down.

Well, I think that about wraps up this (extremely) long winded post.  I’ll hopefully be back before too long with an anniversary present project for the hubs. Cheers!


The New Year is Here. I think.

Well,  hello everyone!  The last minute Christmas stuff gobbled up my time and willpower so that explains the lack of posting.  Directly after Christmas we were all stricken with the Flu and that explains the rest of the non-posting and my unsureness of what time it is.  I’m just now feeling about 80% normal.  This flu is an ass kicker and poor dear Bake got a double dose, contracting the stomach flu as well as the regular one.  Ugh… Anyway, I think we’re mostly on the mend now and ready to complain about something (or is that just me?)

My current pet peeve is the redesign of  They took away any meaningful organization of the new fabrics they get and just lumped them all together….IT FREAKING SUCKS!  I feel strongly about fabric browsing and they have ripped all the joy out of lusting after new fabrics and putting them in my cart and deleting it later.  Seriously.  This is how I get my fix and avoid actually purchasing things and they RUINED IT!  In true passive aggressive fashion, I haven’t even emailed them about my strong feelings, I’ll just post them here and fume silently over the vagaries (and questionable parentage) of idiot website designers that screw their customers shopping experiences all up.  Sigh……  Anyway, here’s hoping they fix the train wreck they made.

Other than that I have been re-watching Doctor Who and am almost through 5 seasons of New Who.  Thanks to all the Gods for Netflix.  I have not, however, seen the departure episode of Matt Smith so I haven’t been on Pinterest in weeks!  It’s killing me.  Spoilers…..

I have a few projects in the works that are mostly waiting for school to start again and for my energy to return.  I also have a few Christmas projects I can post about now they’ve been given so keep your eye(s) peeled and  you might actually get to see some new material here.

In conclusion here is a photo of Zombie #3 that sums up recent days quite well. Cheers!